Local Beer at They Carvery

Alma Artisan Beer is a boutique local beer produced in Malaga by two young men from Villaneva del Trabuco, a small town in the province of Malage. 

They started with a hobby experimenting with different styles of beer.  Their ideas and craftsmanship developed into starting their own local beer brewery in 2015.  They use artisan techniques which have been used for 1000 of years and have made their product unique with new technologies, dedicating all their effort and passion to create a unique beers each with character and personality for everybody who tries them.

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Local Beer

At the Carvery you can try 3 of our top favorite beers from this unique local brewery.

Choose from:

Lady Town A Pale Ale, 5.5%

Freedom Imperial a Red IPA, 6.5%

Blue Roses a Golden Ale at 5.5%